Forrest Gump review

Impressed by this heartwarming masterpiece. A brilliant way of encapsulating the power of love, loyalty and innocence through historical American events. Despite being a lower intelligent and regarded as retarded, Forrest still run unwaveringly. From becoming a top runner, a ping pong champion, a war hero to a successful investor of shrimp and then apple … Continue reading Forrest Gump review

Relentless vs Minimal

Debating within my fractured internal self whether the pace of modern life contain detrimental effects. Imagine living in a peaceful neighborhood leading a frugal life unburied with artificial machine-like--riding bicycle, watching sunset, breathing unpolluted air, silently gazing the star in front of the bonfire. Ain't this the purpose? Modernization adores shoveling wealth consecutively unbalancing the … Continue reading Relentless vs Minimal